dao yen hon noi

King Bird's Nest

King Bird Nest is a leading company in providing top quality natural bird's nest products and other natural nutritional products from Vietnam to Australia. 

We are the exclusive distributor and long-term partner of Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company with a trong distribution network across states VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT and TAS.

Khanh Hoa edible bird's nest is highly valued and appriciated by consumers around the world for its quality and nutritional value.

The swiftlets in the region belong to the subspecies of swiftlet Aerodramus Fuciphagus germani that live only in the coastal areas of Vietnam and mostly within Khanh Hoa province. In combination with other factors such as geographical and mineral compositions that make the nutritional value of Khanh Hoa Bird's Nest exceptional higher than that of other regions.

King Bird Nest always focuses on improving product quality, striving to bring quality natural, healthy nutritional products to Australian consumers.

Our products are approved by The Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE). There is import permit stamp attached on each of King Bird Nest product to signify that the product has been inspected and qualified all the standards and conditions set out by DAWE.