YenViet Nutritious Cordyceps Porridge-30 packs carton


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Content: 50g/pack x 30 packs/carton – Jasmine rice, Cordyceps militaris fungus, freeze-dried chicken, freeze-dried shiitake mushroom, mushroom extract, chicken powder.

YenViet Nutritious Cordyceps Porridge is the perfect food in boosting your health, increase immune system and also bringing a breakthrough not only in nutritional but also taste and flavour.

YenViet Bird’s Nest Porridge is produced using advanced Freeze Drying technology to preserve all nutrients within bird’s nest & cordyceps militaris fungus. Completely free from flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate) and preservatives.

YenViet Nutritious Cordyceps Porridge is suitable for all ages and conditions.

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