Sanest Bird’s Nest Drink (Rock Sugar)

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Content: 6.5% Cave Bird’s Nest per 190mL x 30 cans per carton.

Same top quality as SANEST Concentrated Bird’s Nest Drink but tailored to quickly relieve your thirst and replenish your energy.

SANEST Bird’s Nest drink came pack of 190mL x 6 cans, 30 cans per carton available at various retail partners across Australia.

SANEST Khanh Hoa Bird’s Nest products are produced using advanced technologies under safety and hygienic production environment to ensure all the products are

  • Free from impurities.

  • Free from artificial preservatives.

  • Preserve all the nutrition and genuine flavours within a whole nest.

  • Met all the standards from Australian and International Authorities.

Each SANEST Khanh Hoa Bird’s Nest product always bears the Import Permit seal given by Australian Authorities.

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